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Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Take care of yourself, not just for your well-being, but also for those you care about and support. 

Check out our latest edition of the Monthly Mental Health Check-In newsletter.  

Social & Emotional Well-being

Connect with friends and family through social media platforms.

Consider expressing yourself through art, crafts, or music.

I am Thankful: Before your child/children go to sleep, choose one of these topics to talk about:

  • Someone or something that you love.
  • Something you are grateful for.
  • Something wonderful that happened during the day.  

Ask your child to tell you what they are thankful or grateful for.

Physical Well-Being

If you have access to the outdoors, consider an activity that allows you to get some fresh air​.

Try to have at least an hour each day of active time – go for a walk, ride bikes, have a dance party, stretch or do yoga together, throw a frisbee, use skipping ropes, play catch – whatever you can do to move!​

Find a movement or dance video to try at home that does not require equipment.