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What will we focus our learning on?

The BC curriculum was re-designed in 2016 and consists of 3 parts for each subject: Big Ideas, Curricular Competencies and Content.

Core Competencies:  Communication, Thinking and Personal & Social are also woven throughout the curriculum. 

These documents are written for teachers, and can be confusing.  

Click on your grade level to see the curriculum summarized as Learning Frameworks in the subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and French Immersion.

These frameworks can be used as a guide to inform what you may focus on while you are at home.  Remember, to start small.

If things get frustrating, it is okay to move on. Take a deep break, keep your sense of your humour and celebrate all successes often... No matter how small!

Where can I find books and stories?

Although these are educational sites, NLPS reminds caregivers to supervise children when learning online.

Children may enjoy listening to a story on these popular websites:

Unite for Literacy

(Free books in over 25 languages)

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is available 24 hours a day for children, parents, caregivers and educators worldwide.

Zone Jeunesse

Découvre la zone Jeunesse avec ses vidéos, ses jeux, ses activités, son vlogueur Thomas Dufour, Monsieur Craquepoutte et tous tes héros préférés!

Story Time from Space

Imagine Astronauts on the Space Station reading stories to and conducting science experiments for the children of Earth as the world rotates below.

The Kid Should See This

A curated collection of interesting videos on a variety of topics including:  Animals, Space, Nature, Food.

Card Tricks to Try

This collection of mind-bending card tricks will challenge any learner.

Other Helpful Links...

Walking Curriculum

Guides cross-curricular exploration outdoors

Backyard Biodiversty

Science World: Activities to do in your backyard